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Gérard  Gaston Muguet:

After years of training in Graphic and Traditional Visual Arts, Gerard who Lives in Dordogne France now, has dedicated his lifetime to drawing and painting for more than 50 years. His paintings rich of intense colours and abstract formes reflect the world deep inside us and often relate to archetypal view…

Taimi Borg:

Taimi lives on the beautiful island Öland in Sweden. Her paintings are mirrors of the emotions that this unique landscape creates in a ever shifting light

Uwe Tabatt:

Uwe is a real Berliner and his works transcend imagery and sculpture formats. The skyline of Berlin is often a key source of inspiration.

Helena Adolfsson:

Helena is from Uppsala, Sweden and has lived in Kvikkjokk, Swedish Lappland for more than 15 years. She recreates the fantastic landscapes - europes last wilderness around her house on cotton.

other art forms:

Kristof Mascher:

Kristof is born in Sweden and lives in Dordogne,France and partly in Berlin. After more than 25 years as a leather artisan, he has discovered fascinating naturally tanned fish-skins as an essential part of his artistic work.

Chris Leandro:

Chris is originally from the UK and has lived in Dordogne,France for more than 30 years. He manages to tame metal into unbelievable sculpures, anything from pocket-sized mementos to actual-size dinosaurs.

Frederik Schulz:

Frederik lives and works in Berlin since 5 years. Focus of his works is the creation of large scale 360° panoramas. They get an artistic finish and the print on textil comes as streched canvas. By modifiying details and segments of the picture the reality becomes interpreted and the picture gets a picturesque touch.


Ben de Biel:

Ben de Biel  is one of the living legends of Berlin, he was the founder of the Maria Club and has documented the most exciting time of transition in the  city of Berlin with his camera for many years. With his photos he managed to capture the spirit of this period of the most drastic changes in Berlin.

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