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Danijel Alpha:

Danijel Alpha  was one of few pioneers that brought electronic dance music to Stockholm in the late 80s. Working as a deejay and producer  since the mid 80s, Many in Sweden refer him to one of the true inspirations to get involved in dance music, among these you will find legendary producers as Cari Lekebush, Adam Beyer and Joel Mull.


Niklas on Sax:

Niklas on Sax  is probably the most experienced  saxophonist in Europe  when it comes to improvising live to the DJ´s set or to life music.  With regular gigs since the mid 80ties, mostly  in clubs  but also for corporate events ,  Niklas adds the fascinating unexpected sound collage to the music.


Mehira Cruz:

Mehira Cruz grew up in the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg in an artistic family of music and dance.She got to learn the violin and piano at an early age and grew to be a singer/ mc spending her free time at jamsessions. The warm sound of her voice underline her lyrics giving a feel of jazzy rhythm's mixed with rnb and soul.


Yana Mangi Sundgren:

Yana ist Sami aus Nordschweden und ist in ihrer zwanzigjährigen Laufbahn als Artistin bei den verschiedensten Arrangements aufgetreten, u. a. bei Botschaften, Regierungen, der schwedischen Königsfamilie und auf etlichen Firmenevents sowie auf zahlreichen Tournéen in über 25 Ländern. Sie verbindet mit ihrer traditionellen Singweise und dem Einsatz von Percussionintrumenten das Erbe der samischen Musikkultur mit Rock und Weltmusik.


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