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brandinavia is an agency specializing in the commercial positioning and launch of brands within the cultural and entertainment sectors in Scandinavia and Germany. For artists as well as art- and culture-related organizations brandinavia offers communications strategies that reach set business goals, including tailormade business partner portfolios and introductions.

From our home base Berlin, arguably the European hotspot for arts and culture, we leverage our wide network and deep experience in the media and communications sectors to conduct product pre-testing and placement. Our innovation consulting discipline helps clients incorporate both emerging new trends and established values such as sustainability into their brand strategies.


brandinavia is driven by the passion for human exchange. We believe in the inherent good in all humans and want to contribute to innovation and evolution of new ideas regardless of their origin. Our goal is to increase the cross-cultural exchange of ideas, visions and experiences on the planet.

Thus, corporate social responsibilty is a core value for us. We embrace responsibility in our company's actions as well as encourage positive impact through the activities of our clients and all other involved parties.


brandinavia is in the process of becoming a European network of specialists expert in promoting culture and culture-related products. Our diversity of contacts and experiences are made available to our clients through a menu of personal services

We support and live the international exchange of different lifestyles, beliefs, customs and habits by promoting and bringing forward culture from different origins. Art and culture is our universal language, helping make this planet a better place.

"Connect to grow" ......with responsibility

We live in an era of constant change in society and communication patterns. Traditional PR or advertising agencies are typically structured too statically to continuously and fluently incorporate trends into creative marketing efforts.

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